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Whitefish Mountain Resort has lots of snow

Whitefish Mountain Resort has been on the right side of the snow so far this season. The storms that have tracked through the area have dropped significant white stuff on the slopes. To date since the Mountain opened we have received 168" of snowfall at the Summit and 91" at the Base. I looked at the historical reports on and went back five years and did not find another year with more snowfall to date. I have heard that not all western resorts have been so blessed. What this means is that you should make plans now to travel to Whitefish. Winter Carnival is coming and other exciting events will take place as the season progresses. Before you know it the opportunity to have lift access to ski some of the most beautiful terrain in the country will be gone until next year. Yikes!
Glacier National Park - January 2014

Glacier National Park - January 2014

Glacier National Park - January 2014

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Husband, Jeff, and I departed early last Sunday morning to cross country ski in Glacier National Park. It was very cold, 10 degrees as we started out, but we were soon warm thanks to the exertion (and high tech garments and hand warmers). Even though we did not climb much elevation and were surrounded by lovely old growth cedars; the views of the mountains, creek, lake and trees that day were ________. I can't even think of a word that expresses it. My digital camera struggled to capture it as well.

There are a couple of weekends when Kandahar Lodge is full but there are still lots of times that are open. We are offering specials on our website and the "Magic Nights" are garnering some attention. These are nights when we have a fair amount of availability so we are offering a 20% discount on lodging. The dates change as the inventory changes.

Tragically there was a fatal accident at Whitefish Mountain Resort on Saturday. A 54 year old man from California died after falling in to a tree well. It motivated me to read about tree well safety on the skiwhitefish site and also on the link below. I want to be sure that when I venture off the groomed slopes I am taking responsibility to minimize the risk.

*As the snow starts to pile up this time of year so do the tree wells. Here are a few reminders on staying safe out there.

What you can do to prevent tree well and deep snow accidents
  1. Avoid Deep Snow & Tree Areas
  2. Always Ski with a Partner and Keep Your Partner in Sight
  3. Ski & Ride in Control and Defensively
  4. Have a Plan to Survive
Read more about Tree Well Safety at

Whitefish Winter Carnival
Do not let this event deter you from a ski trip. Here is another study that shows that traveling is extremely beneficial for your health - Click Here.

Whitefish Winter Carnival has its final events February 7 - 9. The theme for the Carnival this year is "Viva Las Vegas" and Wayne Newton - Mr. Las Vegas himself - has agreed to participate as the parade Grand Marshal. It is a fun weekend that celebrates the Whitefish community and WINTER. For complete details - Click Here.

Put those New Year's Resolutions to work. I suspect a Whitefish holiday would cover a couple of them at least (exercise more, travel more, have more fun, etc.). We will be waiting to enchant you.
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