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Flooding in the Snug

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The summer is flying by. It has been hot and sunny for much of the summer. I forget about the impact of the wildfire season on our area but in the last couple of weeks the haziness coming from regional fires has been obvious. Fortunately the fires are not close and we are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be no change in that status. Here is a view taken last Saturday from Columbia Mountain looking into the Flathead Valley.

Quite a number of the "locals" work the fire season. Firefighting must be one of the toughest jobs you can do but the pay is good, especially if you get into overtime. My niece, Casey, is in her first season as a firefighter and currently on a fire in Idaho.

We had a day of rain at the beginning of August. It was the Friday of a very busy weekend and a three-day weekend for our Canadian friends. The rain fell steadily all day long as guests arrived for a "Be Enchanted Be Our Guest" stay. Kandahar's two wings form a courtyard that faces uphill. Late in the afternoon of that day the rain exceeded the drainage in the courtyard and we began to experience flooding all along the back of the Snug Bar, our offices and storage areas and in Café Kandahar's office. GM, Jim, and Front Desk, Russ, mopped for all they were worth but the water just kept coming in. Finally, Jim called a restoration company to help. The lobby was full of people and the Café was very busy with diners. Most of our guests were understanding and patient with the situation. Jim finally went home at 4am. We are still running fans in the Snug when it is closed but luckily the damage is minimal.

The Whitefish mountain biking scene is causing a buzz in the biking world. In a press release by the Whitefish Convention and Visitors' Bureau I saw this description of Whitefish and really liked it.

"Whitefish, Montana is an authentic mountain town located in the northern Rockies, home to some of the world's most beautiful mountains and spectacular, unspoiled nature. Whitefish offers close access to the hanging valleys and emerald peaks of Glacier National Park, plus all facets of mountain, lake and river adventures. After breathtaking natural experiences by day, guests discover award-winning cuisine and nightlife, plus enjoy an abundant arts and culture scene."

You can see the entire piece here -


Mountain Lion
Do you know what huckleberries on the bush smell like on a warm afternoon? If not, you really should find out. They grow profusely on Big Mountain and you can get to them easily from either the bottom or the summit. Simply walk to the elevation of perfect ripeness, inhale deeply and then - start picking!

Bears love huckleberries, too, so carrying bear spray and paying attention to rustling in the bushes is very important. We have not heard of bears frequenting the Mountain this summer but there have been several sightings of mountain lions on the Danny On Trail. Again, bear spray is a good deterrent. There have been no conflicts with humans reported.

We hope that you are headed our way before the end of the summer season on September 30th. Please visit our website and take advantage of our specials; the Dog Days Special (4th night free) in August and the Late Season Special (3rd night free) in September.

After how warm and dry the summer has been, the thought of a snowy ski day at Whitefish Mountain Resort has a lot of appeal. It is not too early to be thinking about booking your ski holiday. Rates are loaded and we have a good selection of room types available. The Christmas/New Years and Presidents' Weekend holiday periods always fill up. Book soon so you won't be disappointed. Don't contribute to these statistics that say Americans are not using their vacation time -

Take your hard earned time off and come see us!

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