Update - August 2015

We have a number of items on the table the Board is working on. We felt that a quick news update would be appropriate.

From the last communication in May:


The voting

For purchasing the property - 6 No, 2 Maybe, 4 Yes - If you are interested, contact Jeff Fisher.

For an additional board position and Jeff Fisher to join the board - 10 Yes, 2 non voting
Welcome Jeff to the Board.

Charcoal BBQ's on Decks

We've had an observation by an owner regarding charcoal bbq's on decks. Removal of charcoal bar-b-ques on decks is a requirement of our fire insurance policy. For those few owners with charcoal BBQ's on your deck, please remove them. WSI can help if you won't be in town for a while.

Project Requirements from WSI

  1. Fire panel - Replacement, relocation and device replacement - $6,200

  2. Fire system backflow preventer - $6,800

  3. Water meter and domestic backflow system including thermal relief systems on each water heater - $6,600

  4. Fire sprinkler compliance - no quote

Even if we apply funds from our capital reserves, there will be a special assessment to cover this work.

We are in the process of getting competative bids for consideration. We are also having the fire panel installer reviewing our situation. Our goal is to minimize any special assessments and have the work done by the start of ski season.

Board Members

President - Clint Fisher
Member - Walter Byers
Member - Ken Overstreet
Member - Jeff Fisher
Administration - WSI / Brian Carper, Sherry Pepin

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